Saturday, 27 October 2012

Reflect and Ponder (27) - AFTER QURBANI - CLEARING THE BONES

Alhamdulillah we must all have eaten quite to our fill - mutton biriyani, or barbeque, or some other mutton dish all courtesy of our qurbani goats and sheep. However, did this thought go through anybody's mind - that the meat we now eat with great relish was only a few hours ago a goat, very much alive, walking around and grazing on the grass we put for it? What became of that goat? All that is left of it is a pile of well-licked and well-sucked shiny white bones in our plates, to be cleared and thrown away. Did anybody think about the fact that Insaan has to go the same way, that I will have to one day go the same way that this goat did? About the bitter but inevitable reality that today we are alive, talking, laughing, playing, eating, and drinking, yet one day will come when will become residents of the sand, just a pile of decaying, rotting bones, sumptious food for the worms and insects?? My dear brothers and sisters, death is coming. Are we prepared??

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