Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reflect and Ponder (29)

Life is nothing but a series of hills and mountains - sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. We cannot expect to be up all the time, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to move forward. Nor should we loose hope when we are down, thinking that we will stay there forever.

What we also have to always remember is that our journey across these hills and mountains is extremely short. Today we are here, tomorrow we are gone. Nay, today we are here, and today we are gone.
 So let us make sure that these hills and mountains don't cause us an hindrance, or become obstacles for us reaching our final goal towards which we should all be moving towards - ALLAH.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Reflect and Ponder (28)

Don't ever put your expectations on anyone in this world, no matter how close that person is to you. Eventually, because that person is also human and not perfect, somewhere along the line you will have to suffer let - downs, which will lead to unnecessarily getting hurt, and even breaking of relationships. Someone so rightly said -

"Expectations lead to deceptions which lead to frustrations."

People almost never live up to the sometimes very high expectations which are placed upon them, and that causes disappointment.

Let us put all our expectations on that Being who is perfect, who will never let us down, who will always fulfill our expectations of Him, and go over them too.

Only Allah is worthy of our expectations, with whom we can rest assured that we will never get disappointed.

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