Thursday, 15 March 2018


On and off, we hear of, and see protests happening around the world with regards to Freedom for Palestine, marches and rallies to show solidarity and support to Palestinians, and at present, the apartheid week all around the world in general in February and March, and specifically in South Africa in this week. Notably, South Africa and the UK are at the forefront in organising such programs, protests and rallies. However, the question that should arise in our minds (sadly, most of the time it doesn't) is that after all these years of marching and rallying and protesting, has the plight of the Palestinians been eased? Has their suffering decreased in it's severity? Any person who has even a vague idea of what is happening there today will emphatically give a negative answer to that question. If anything, their problems have become worse. Why haven't all the marches and protests and programs made any difference? The answer to that lies in our outlook towards the Palestinian struggle. The stark reality which comes to the fore, if one were to ponder a bit, is that today it is considered to be an attack against an ethnicity, an attack on the sovereignty of a nation. It has ceased to be regarded (by the Muslims themselves) as an attack upon Islam, it has ceased to be regarded as a struggle between Haqq and Baatil, and this is as a result of successful propaganda by the media machine, controlled in totality by the Zionists. The proof for this, that this is how we view the issue, is found in these very same protests and programs - flagrant disobedience of Allah, fearless shattering of the commands of Shariat, and in fact, of the very tenets of our Deen. Because we do not see it as a spiritual struggle which the entire Ummat is part of, we have cast aside all the last remaining vestiges of spirituality from our so called efforts of Palestinian freedom. We locked our gazes on the asbaab (outward means), despite their mostly impermissible nature (in this particular case), and forgot The Musabbibul Asbaab (The controller of those means) - we left Allah out of the picture totally. Are we so naive as to labour under the deception that our protests and marches, mixed in with a plethora of violations of Shariat, will force Israel to leave the Palestinians alone, and stop their oppression of Muslims? The truth is that the Zionists know very well what exactly it is that can stop them dead in their tracks, and they are doing everything to keep the Muslim masses away from it. (They have even been bold enough to reveal it a number of times, trusting that the Muslims are too heavily duped by the media drug to make any use of this vital information. They have stated on a number of occassions that when the Masajid will fill up for Fajr like how they fill up for Jumu'ah, then we will surrender ourselves.) And that is why our protests and marches make no difference to them, in fact, they laugh at us when we do such things, laugh at how gullible we are, how easily we are deceived. A spiritual war cannot be fought by making noise on the streets, waving flags and placards, while disobeying Allah. Such actions yield the exact opposite result - they weaken the Ummat further, and act as blockades for the help of Allah. The only way to fight a spiritual war is spiritually - by building and strengthening our relationship with Allah, because it is only this which can bring down the help and mercy of Allah. Every condition in this world is from Allah, and it is only through the rectification of our actions that Allah will change the conditions from negative to favourable and positive. So, instead of creating a mass movement on the streets of crowds yelling out slogans, why don't we create a mass movement towards the Masajid, in which people can, with hushed voices and flowing tears, beg and beseech Allah for help? Instead of having a so called apartheid week, why don't we have a week in Jamaat, or a week in a Khanqah, or a week in a Madrasah? In this way we will have fulfilled our responsibility towards our Palestinian brothers and sisters. (On a side note, Palestine will most probably not be liberated until Hazrat Mahdi Ra comes and begins World War 3.) These are merely my humble observations, may Allah grant us the tawfeeq to understand and make amal.

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