Friday, 19 February 2016


 With tearful eyes I write this, in remembrance of Hafiz Patel Saheb Ra - his demise is a great and saddening loss to the Ummat.

Allah granted this weak one the opportunity to sit in his company numerous times. The one thing about him that left upon me the most lasting impression, something that I can still vividly picture even after many years, is his fikr for Deen - the worry and concern he had for this Ummat. Every word he would utter would be literally soaked in fikr and concern. Such a high level of fikr is difficult to find in the world today.

His way of speaking, the gestures of his hands while speaking, Allahu akbar, everything about him would be loudly and clearly showing his extreme sadness and worry for the Ummat.
A few hours after his demise, an Aalim from South Africa saw him in a dream smiling, his face shining, and he was already relaxing in Jannat. (He hasn't even been buried yet, at least as of the typing of this post)

May Allah grant us that same fikr for deen which is so missing in us. It is this fikr which is needed in Kenya specifically, and the whole world in general.

Below are some of his blessed words which I heard from him and noted down (his words were in Urdu which I have then translated into English) -

"The effort of Deen is more important than eating and the (material) upbringing of children"
What this means is that to make an effort of Deen, and to have the worry and concern for Deen is more important than eating and the material upbringing of children, because the former is a means of success in both Dunya and Aakhirat, while the later is restricted to the comfort of Dunya. Unfortunately many times we see parents going all out in giving material comfort to their children - food, clothes, toys, and anything else they may want. However, giving them the true Islamic and Deeni nurturing, according to Shariah is given the back seat, if at all in the picture.

"Hazrat Maulana Ilyas Ra said that nothing can be achieved with ease and comfort - neither 'Ilm nor Deen nor the strength of Imaan"
Sadly, today we want to reach great heights without making any efforts, without sacrificing in the least bit. Our great Ulama and elders reached the lofty levels we see them on, or read about, after long periods of great difficulties and distress, through which they persevered.

"Once the students of Darul Uloom Deoband came to Markaz Nizamuddeen at a time when the health of Maulana Ilyas Ra was down. Through his attendant, Maulana Ilyas Ra gave them three points of advice - 1. 'Ilm is acquired through adab. Adab holds the greatest importance, especially adab of the Ustadhs. 2. Realize your own value! You are more valuable than the wealth of the entire world! 3. In acquiring 'Ilm, your objective should be to act upon the knowledge that you gain." 
May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to act upon these meaningful and blessed words, and bless us with the ability to walk on the footsteps of our Akaabireen. Aameen.

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