Wednesday, 17 February 2016


As I went about my way, one fine, bright and calm sunny day
In my usual never-ending pursuit of short lived pleasures, drowned in a world of amusement and play

I felt a rumble and roar beneath, I fell to my knees as the earth began to shudder and shake
It tore open with a belching, grating sound that made my ears do a double take

From the deep, gaping holes it regurgitated all that was in its womb
The verse echoed in my mind, “Wa akhrajatil ardu athqaalaha,” it left not a bone, a body, or a tomb

A deafening blast above, my head jerked up – the folding sky had turned a deep crimson blood-red
Bare fear, terror, and shock gripped my every nerve, my blood froze, it was as if I had bled till I was dead

I trembled uncontrollably at the scene around me – stampedes in all directions of confused, horror stricken people with drunken looks
The horrific agony that was unfolding before my eyes was a reality, The Promised Day as described in the greatest of all books

Pregnant mothers aborting their babies, breast-feeding infants being thrown aside, children turning old with white hair
The realization suddenly sank in deep, there was no turning back, no second chance, and hopelessness turned into despair

Amidst streams of silent tears of regret, my mind flashed back to all those missed opportunities which Allah gave me, but which I denied
The soft caring words of my mother, full of worry and concern, “Beta, did you go to madrasah?” and my reply, “yes of course,” but I always lied

Golden chances of seeking knowledge were presented before me, repeatedly I was invited to gatherings of spiritual reformation
But I always preferred to hang out with my friends in dens of vice and sin for some dangerous exploration

Then abruptly my remorseful thoughts were interrupted as I became engulfed in pitch darkness, yet another scare
I knew the sun was no more, ear-piercing screams and blood curdling shrieks of pure panic filled the air

Suddenly my eyes flew open, I sat up straight in my bed, clothes soaked with sweat, heart thumping violently against my chest
Disoriented, I looked around with wide, weary eyes and realized it had been a dream, I was still in the test

Although shaken up, a warm feeling of sweet relief washed over me – it wasn’t too late to do what was right
This was a warning to me from Allah, I vowed that of my true objective in this world I will never lose sight

How many months of Ramadan, year after year, had passed wasted in my life, to take advantage I never cared
Now once again this blessed month is at our doorstep, a gift-wrapped invitation of Allah’s love, for it now, inshallah, I am fully geared

I jumped out of bed to hurriedly get ready for salaah and madrasah, there wasn’t a moment to lose
I eagerly set off to start a new life with renewed vigor and zeal, this was another chance, not a time to snooze.

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