Saturday, 20 February 2016


1. Always hold fast to the quality of Taqwa, wherever you maybe, whatever time it may be. This simply means that spend the rest of your life very far away from sin and disobedience of Allah. The easiest way to attain this quality is to fill our hearts with love for Allah. These two (Taqwa and love for Allah) are the reason we have been created, and the reason for our acquiring the knowledge of Deen.  If we will still sin, we will have failed in our very objective of studying, as well as the objective of our entire life. The easiest and simplest way (and the only way) to attain Taqwa and love for Allah to the highest level is to attach oneself to a spiritual guide and mentor, and seek spiritual treatment under him – the effort which is termed Tazkiyah.

2. Besides staying away from all sins, major or minor, we should make a special effort to stay away from the following sins which have become common in these days – a.) Music b.) Pictures c.) Be pardagi (not observing the rules of purdah) d.) Gheebat (backbiting) e.) TV

3. Turn away from imitating the west and adopt the Sunnah in every facet of your lives. Make it your lifestyle and reject everything else. Islam isn’t just restricted to your Salaah or other ibaadat. It covers every second of your life.

4. Save yourselves and your children from school, college, university like how you would save them from a lion. To send children to such places is tantamount to throwing them into Jahannam with your own hands. Perhaps one out of every hundred thousand will be saved. The environment is very destructive. Don’t sacrifice Aakhirat for a few pennies of this world.

5. Sacrifice your whole life for the effort of spreading Deen, in whichever permissible way possible, after making mashwarah (consultation) with your spiritual guide and Ustadh.

6. Besides fulfilling all fardh, wajib, and sunnate muakkadah ibaadat, also make sure to do the following daily – one juz recitation of the Quran, three tasbihs of morning and evening, tahajjud, ishraq, chasht, awabeen, Surah Mulk, Yaseen, Kahf, dua. This is the minimum.

7. Save yourselves from pride. Think of yourselves to be the worst of all. Only then will you see progress towards Allah. The minute you think yourself to be someone all progress will stop and you will move backward.

8. Don’t ever give takleef (difficulty, pain, harm) to anybody in any way.

9. Keep going over and revising what you have learnt with the intention of trying to inculcate each and everything in your life. To make amal on your ilm is of utmost importance. Many warnings have been sounded in the hadith of those who know yet don’t act according to their knowledge.

10. Always uphold the truth, however bitter it may be. Never ever compromise your Deen for anyone or anything, whatever situation you may be in. Remain steadfast even though all the people around you may be against you. Don't ever 'go with the flow.' Remember, there is no obedience to people in the disobedience of Allah. Always keep finding out what is Haq from your spiritual guide and Ustadh in any matter or problem that comes up in your life.

Give these same advices to your students and children.
I humbly request all of you to keep making dua for me.

 If you will act upon this wasiyat you will benefit, and the people around you will benefit as well. If you choose to ignore it, then I can say nothing more. I can do nothing more.
Ya Allah! Be witness that I have conveyed your message (in my weak and broken ways.)

Khaadimut Tulabaa
Arif Umar


  1. Subhanallah. Jee maulana, inshallah. Jazakallah maulana.

  2. Subhanallah... may allah grant us all thoufeeq to act upon dese wasiyyaths.. aameen

  3. Jee in shaa Allah ya maulana jazakallah

  4. Jee in shaa Allah ya maulana jazakallah